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I mean i think that fat comedian bitch, Monique
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Monday, September 26th, 2005
8:40 pm
Sunday, June 12th, 2005
1:48 pm
u see that i'm tha last man standin, holdin cannons
L-E-I-F need to understand it, make heads spin planets
u curly headed white boy, from low land Lakeland
ur heart achin, got u shakin, now i awaken/
now watch as i get at a suburban cracker, duns will smack ya
laff at ya, not wit ya, spit tha tongue twistas
u punk get up, thin cracker need sum fuckin weight
everythin u said i heard before, u need to get up to date/
Cyrez murk this surb's herb, nigga can't pass me
Leif Langford? ha, i put u on yo ass, see
i'm nasty, too flashy, talk and get yo ass beat
u gettin bloody like blacks gettin ashy/
come at me, nigga, u a lil bitch kid
18 years aint shit from u, get ripped on sum sick shit
u blonde headed gettin blasted on drastic measurements
u made a plastic faggot with a dad for a reverend/
bitches like get jumped in my hood, understood?
nigga lookin beavis, shit and i could
say all this, i wuz lookin at yo journal's pics
mutha fucka u thin as hell, and to get bak on sum other shit/
catch a buck-50 is u fuck wit me faggot
gats i blast it, and make that ass fly like Kravits
u a maggot gettin stabbed wit my hatchet
u a gymnatic now cuz tha track hittin backflips/
mutha fucka
1:23 pm

I joined to say that all you 'ana' cosplayers will never be as skinny as me ^_____^ I'm 5'5", 99lb at last count, and I have never been on a diet :D :D I eat more than 5 meals a day, and eat lots of chocolate. Give it up, ana cosplayers, because you will never be as 1337 at being skinny as I am. TOO BAD YOU CAN'T HAVE THIS MAD CRAZY METABOLISM, BITCHES! ♥ So just slit your wrists already. It's a lot quicker way to ultimate skinniness than starvation! (I bet people weigh a lot less when they're dead!! ISN'T THAT RIGHT, SYLVIA PLATH?)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Also, I am not white and that makes me better than you racist nazi punks. So even if you say things like "omg ur teh fat" I know you are lying because you are WHITE and you just want to OPPRESS ME!!!11 Keep the uppity coloreds down, eh? Is that how it is? IS IT? Well I'm not gonna stand for that, YOU OBESE BASTARDS! >:O >:O >:O TRY TO PATRIOT ACT ME, WILL YOU?

Anyways, I don't really understand why you're all into anime. Everyone knows that anime makes you fat by default.
9:50 am
Hi. New here.
Hi I noticed that this was posted in con_costuming and decided to join. ^_^ <3


Current Mood: awake
10:00 am
Anorexia will not help anyone.
You all do know that "starving" yourself only makes your metabolism slower, right? Your body reacts to food as if it's its last meal when you're eating less, and holds everything and anything in as long as it can.

Anorexia is not a solution, it IS a disease. Some people are very unfortunate to have this disease, no good comes of it. The vanity isn't worth ruining your beautiful bodies. There are so many better ways to go about this.

Now, I may not be the prettiest girl in the facial area, but I know this: I eat three meals a day, including plenty of snacks, I'm 5'7" and I weigh more than 10 pounds under what should be my normal (healthy) weight, and I'm not even trying. (I'd like to be up at a decent weight, really.) I don't exercise, I don't do much of anything physical... but I feed myself right. I can't recommend any certain diet, just this:

  • Eat when you're hungry. - You don't have to eat until you're full, but if you're feeling kind of hungry, grab a graham cracker or something. I myself prefer a boiled egg.

  • Eat all of your meals. - This doesn't mean pile your plate up until you're full to burst, but whatever you have/are given, (for those whose mothers still cook for them) eat it all. If you're still feeling hungry, have dessert! Just remember not to gorge.

  • Indulge your body. - Don't deny cravings. Your body will want what it wants and it's your responisbility to supply the things it wants. If you're having cravings, it just means that whatever that food has in it is something your body needs and associates with that particular item.

See, when your body is secure in the fact that you'll always have food, your metabolism won't be shy about taking in it all and using it quickly. But, if you're constantly starving yourself, your metabolism is going to say "holy crap, we're not getting any food! Keep it all! Keep it all!" Especially fat.

I've been following this philosophy for a long while, and... it's worked.

I'm not trying to force anyone into this lifestyle, I'm just throwing it out there, as a suggestion. If you all still wish to fall into this disease, I will not force you to change your minds. Flame me all you want, do what you will... I've said what I want to say.

I'm just offering a helping hand.

Current Mood: shocked
Saturday, June 11th, 2005
10:29 pm
Im so glad you made this community. I dont know how im going to fit into my Sailor moon costume in time for MiniCon 2k5. Ugh. I'm so fat....

what I ate today

4 sticks of pocky
a cup of bawls diluted with water
& some gohan (thats Niponese for rice) while I was watching azumanga daio.

Thinspire me, minna-san!!
11:18 pm
Welcome. I will work on getting this community up and running this week
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